• Alternative Energies

    The company believes in a future of new energy options, and for many years we install Geothermal and Solar energy.
  • HVAC Department

    The HVAC department has performed more than 3,000 facilities for 20 years. Some of the main activities of the department of climatization: Industrial Ventilation Systems, control and management centralized systems, project management and execution, ...

  • Cooling department

    The main activity of the Cooling division is to advise, prepare and manage engineering and assembling works within industrial and commercial cooling systems. Specializing in the food industry, cold storage, refrigerated murals, cooling tank
  • Maintenance department

    The main activity of the Maintenance division is the predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance of the HVAC facilities. Also we are specialized in Fire Protection Systems maintenance and Cooling Systems maintenance.
  • Fire Protection department

    Arce Clima is a company dedicated to the design, installation and maintenance of complete fire protection (FP) systems, has the suitable team and material to undertake the execution of any large-scale system without limit.
  • 20 years of experience in climatization

    Arce-Clima is an assembling and engineering company established in May 1994. Its 20 years of experience in the industry consolidate it as a benchmark.

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Nowadays, Arce-Clima is present in Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Ireland, Switzerland and Croatia.. Here are located some of our main projects

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Arce-Clima is an assembling and engineering company established in May 1994. The company has four main divisions: HVAC, cooling, fire protection and maintenance, all of them with a highly skilled and specialized team.

It is basically formed by several Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering (MSIE), several Fire protection technicians, ten Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE), ten Installation technicians, ten CAD Project Draughtsmen and a group of HVAC technicians, pipe fitters and duct fitters, being a team of more than 150 people, highly experienced in the Climatization, Cooling and Fire Protection fields and their application in both Industrial and Building Sector.